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Blog 1 - 09/21/07

My favorite thing I learned in computer science was how to make a site on DreamWeaver, which
is this creation right now. I don't have a least favorite thing I learned. I just seem to loathe the tests,
but I suppose I hate all tests in general. I like how this class has humor in it. It's decent to go to after
first period.

What I would probably change about this class is how long we have to sit at our desks before
we go to the computers. It'd be nice to learn what we're going to or supposed to do at our computers.


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One of the interesting/exciting things that happened to me this school year was becoming Secretary.
One of the best things that occured during the summer was hanging out with a friend of mine who I
won't be able to see much every month or so. Although, I found summer too long.


Blog 2 - 09/28/07

Not being able to write anything of my choice is bleh.

I find programming fun. Kind of. I don't exactly find it fun if it doesn't go my way. Though, who actually
does like things like that unless for some reason it turned out to be good? Something like that. Prompt number

No I have never programmed before this class. On to prompt three!

Mr. Styner is doing a very, very great job at doing his job and I think it's good so far. No, I'm not saying
this for a good grade, though, it'd be amazing if this would raise my grade. If so, I shall praise as much as
possible. Prompt four!

The best thing I've experienced is going on a field trip to LA with my buddies on a field trip. It t'was a
community service club and it was extremely fun. I got to ride in the same car with my favorite teacher
and insane friends so it was amusing and fun through the six hour ride.

I got to experience indepedence, I got to experience roller coasters, and I got to experience nausea to
the extremes. Yes, greatest two days of my life.