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About Me

Hi, I'm Catherine Casuat. Unfortunately, I am but only a high school
freshman, but give me a few years and that will change.

My birthday is coming up in Febuary, so yay. Splendid joy. One year
older, one year closer to death. Fun.

Links are up top if you didn't notice them. But I'd think you're in need
of some help if you didn't because they're bright blue. Unless of course you
are color blind. Then please ignore my oh-so-subtle insults.


Oh, and an extra note. I don't have the floating table on every
page, my apologies. I was a bit clueless when I started making my
pages and whatnot, so I made a couple of mistakes.

The table --->
Is only on this page and on my blog page. Really sorry.


My Actual Blog

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